Often we see patients with excellent teeth become over-zealous with their toothbrush. Their intention to keep their teeth sparkling leads them to exert far too much pressure and often in the wrong direction.

Toothbrush abrasion usually occurs at the gum margins and people think it is merely receding gums. This abrasion will progress slowly at first (in enamel) but after the enamel is breached, will progress very quickly till the nerve gets exposed or extreme sensitivity arises. The routine use of de-sensitizing toothpastes will mask the underlying issues, resulting in further damage and delayed treatment.

Sensitivity is not an early warning sign. It is sometimes the last alert.

toothbrush abrasion

“What does not cause pain …. often doesn’t cause alarm”

At Caring 4 Smiles, our comprehensive examination will pick up all these insidious conditions which can cause considerable heartache and expense. The fee for a comprehensive examination is small compared to the value gained from treating hidden problems. You don’t know what you don’t know – till we show it to you on a screen.

Our photographic recording process will track your compliance year after year. This is our commitment to you.