Young children carry over ‘thumb sucking’ and ‘tongue thrusting’ into their 6th – 8 year age. Whilst this may be a security issue, the resultant outward pressure causes an open bite and collapse of the back teeth inwards.

See the inclinations of the lower molars inwards. If detected early, ( as in this case ) the deformity can be quickly reversed and the habit broken.




A Myo-functional appliance acts as a habit breaking trainer. It positions the tongue correctly and the improvement is quick and painless. The cost saving from not having to undergo future orthodontic treatment or jaw surgery is significant.

Imagine the heartache if your child had to have jaw corrective surgery.

At Caring 4 Smiles we are every vigilant for signs of bad habits. We then present the parent with all the evidence and leave them to make a decision to take timely action. We make the difference in your child’s growth and development.