During the growth and development of a child, it is most essential that professional monitoring and record keeping is strict. Various growth spurts occur and their timing is critical to the development of the proportions between the upper and lower jaws.

In addition, as the jaws grow, unusual tongue thrusting and swallowing habits creep in. With this, the upper and lower jaws can get deformed with severe consequences.

This young boy of 14 was brought to us by his parents with the complaint that he could not chew his food. It was most unfortunate to see the growth of the lower jaw had out-paced the upper and the forward tongue thrusting habit had pushed the upper teeth upwards, and the lower teeth forwards.

lower-jaw-growth-disproportionate-to-upper lower-jaw-growth-disproportionate-to-upper2

The lower jaw is forward with an open bite.

Correction of this type of growth anomaly is easier when picked up very early. After the time has passed, Maxillo-Facial surgery is the only way to correct the disparity. The psychological damage to the child is severe.