A comprehensive diagnosis sometimes reveals old amalgam fillings which have long passed their use-by date. They have not yet fallen out and our dentists explain to our patients that a leaking filling is far more problematic than one that has fallen out.

Craig came in with no real problems. He had heard about white fillings and wanted to know more. At the comprehensive examination stage we found old amalgams that had begun to crack and crumble.

‘Why touch something that is not yet broken’ was his query. Craig took our advice and we treated some of his teeth. These are the photographs.

fix leaking amalgam fillings

Fresh decay and an old leaking amalgam
Cleaned out both molar teeth



fix the leaking amalgam feelings

An excellent set of 2 restorations

There is no way a patient can “see” the leaking fillings without high resolution photographs and magnification. It is up to us as Preventive Dentists to enlighten our patients of the risks in their mouth.

The old paradigm of waiting for the filling to drop out before going to the dentist is like waiting for your roof to cave in before you get the leak fixed.