Melanie’s front teeth made her self conscious so she just would not smile. We undertook a full mouth rejuvenation plan. full mouth rejuvenation 1

full mouth rejuvenation 2

full mouth rejuvenation 3

What did Caring 4 Smiles do for Melanie?

A comprehensive examination and x-rays of Melanie’s mouth revealed decades of break-down. Melanie would cover her mouth when she smiled, if she smiled at all. We presented the following Treatment plan.

  1. A thorough Hygiene protocol to be installed so that she learned new Oral Care techniques to look after the ‘new dentistry’ we would place in her mouth.
  2. Rebuild and replace all the old cracked fillings with porcelain or composite replacements
  3. Document every appointment and the re-build work done with high resolution photographs so that Melanie and us can track progress and follow up maintenance year to year.
  4. Rebuild the front teeth in dazzling porcelain.
  5. Here are the before & after photographs.

Melanie’s persistence with the unfolding treatment plan was a measure of the determination she had to complete this task. Like home renovation, patchwork never brings about the same result as a total make-over.

Melanie is now set up for decades of laughter and freedom to smile.