Kids teeth are precious and can get decayed very quickly. Is dental decay preventable?  Yes.

Preventive Dental Care detects tiny cavities before it travels through the outer enamel and reaches the inner soft dentin. If this continues, the nerve gets exposed. Remember, the nerve is very large in a young child and is easily reached by decay. Additionally, a child in pain, is a very difficult patient because they are afraid of the drill and overall clinic experience. Therefore, timely assessment and dental check-ups will avoid this happening.

extensive tooth decay in a young child

There is nothing more desirable in a child than to prevent all decay through fun stuff like Preventive Dentistry. Note in the photograph that the second molar has not even erupted. This child is just 12, and has a huge cavity. Mum worried about her not eating well and brought her to us. The filling was placed immediately and the story has a happy ending.

At Caring 4 Smiles, we are every vigilant and ensure we wear the onus of responsibility for every patient, specially our children. Preventive Dentistry guarantees a wonderful return for the rest of your life.

Preventive Dentistry is for every age of patient.