Dental Braces vs Invisalign

Braces or Invisalign – No contest – The choice is CLEAR

We all have yet to meet anyone who loves the stainless steel ‘train tracks’ across their mouths, even though it comes with a promise of straight teeth. In most cases, patients don’t know that they have a CLEAR alternative. I see many such patients who could have had Invisalign to straighten their teeth. Without this option, they have to live with the bleeding ulcers from the wires for 18 months.

We do confirm that in some severe cases, Invisalign cannot work, but the vast majority of patients can achieve a great smile with Invisalign. BUT,  were they given this option ?

The biggest advantage of Invisalign is that you can take the clear aligners off to brush and floss your teeth every day of your treatment. This is not possible with the train tracks across your teeth. Additionally, the hygienist can do a wonderful clean and polish, eliminating the largest cost to you after the stainless steel braces are removed.  Decayed teeth needing FILLINGS, FILLINGS FILLINGS” – is the biggest concern after train track braces. The braces trap plaque onto your teeth.

If you would want to have a great smile, a wonderful lifestyle while getting your teeth straightened and NO FILLINGS at the end of treatment, come in for a FREE CONSULTATION to see if Invisalign can work for you. You have a clear choice.

PS: If you are on a date, you can take the clear aligners out.  Train tracks come with you on your date !!

Caring 4 Smiles offers a wide range of options to give you that great smile. So,Let your Smile truly reflect your Lifestyle.

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