Smile Dental

Smile Dental – at the heart of Caring 4 Smiles

Your smile reflects the very best investment you can make in yourself…

Smile DentalSmile Dental is a concept at the heart of everything we do. Our philosophy is about long-term, strategic care of your teeth, not a series of patch work as and when issues arise.

This means going beyond addressing only the issues you are facing now, but making sure you have a Dental plan in place to make creating and maintaining a perfect smile for life an affordable and simple part of life.


We look at all aspects of your Dental health incorporating some or all of the following:


It’s a philosophy we call Smile Dental.

The process of Cosmetic Dentistry may involve straightening or correcting teeth issues,teeth whitening, veneers, crowns or dental implants (or nothing at all). Once we have achieved your desired perfect smile, we will put together a preventive dental care plan to ensure it remains perfect for life. Finally we coach you on an appropriate home-care regimen to make sure your trips to the dentist are kept to a minimum and avoid the need for expensive invasive procedures.

Smile Dental is about obtaining and maintaining perfect teeth for life; preventing unnecessary pain and expense by ensuring an appropriate long-term care plan is in place. Contact us on (09) 631 5416 to learn more about our Smile Dental approach. Like our Facebook page to stay up to date on latest news, product reviews and home-care tips!

We invite you to contact us and make an appointment with one of our highly qualified and experienced dentists to discuss your Smiles Dental plan today!