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Case Study: Mouth breathing causes jaw deformity

Young children who suffer from periodic coughs and colds often turn into mouth breathers. They are easily identified by visiting their room at night and looking at them when asleep.
“Is the child sleeping routinely with the mouth open? Is the child constantly snoring?”

The position of the teeth, jaw size and lips is determined by the balance of force between the tongue on the inside and the lips on the outside.

In an open mouth position, the tongue is not enclosed within the jaws and due to this, the lip pressure pushed the jaw and teeth inwards. This gradually worsens until at adolescence the deformity is bordering on the severe.

We are pained to see this at regular intervals. Tremendous deformity. Significant treatment cost.



Every bad habit must be detected early and eliminated. Growth can then proceed normally

‘My friends call me Loy’

Loy graduated in 1978 and achieved a Master’s degree in Oral Surgery at the University of Bombay ( Mumbai ) in 1981. As dentist to the film stars of Bollywood for almost 16 years, there was absolutely no time to ‘having a family life’. “Our 2 boys would hardly see him through the week” and one evening Raoul asked him if he had a bed to sleep at the clinic. This opened his eyes to the reality of enjoying your kids while you have them, and prompted this move to New Zealand.

“We kept this Epsom practice small for 10 years as Raoul & Marcel grew up. Their move to study and now work in the US in 2004 gave us the opportunity to chase our dream of letting our practice grow” says Thelma.

Besides being on the Executive of the NZ Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry & the Auckland Dental Association, Loy is a mentor to the younger generation of dentists. Loy has great passion for Invisalign, Cosmetic Dentistry, Preventive CareOral Surgery.

“Preventive care is not just for kids” says Loy. “We have saved thousands of our patients from having root canal treatment and other expensive dental work through our timely treatment – that’s Prevention of high costs in any language”.

You are assured of a comprehensive diagnosis and plan.

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Dr Miriam Al-Kaissi

Dr Miriam Al-Kaissi

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Dr Miriam is an Otago Graduate who joined Caring 4 Smiles brings high tech products to our practice. Her vast experience and strengths as a CEREC CAD-CAM dentist provides our patients with options to have their crowns and complex dental restorations completed on the day itself. “Crowns in a Day” is a new product introduced by Miriam.

Miriam’s philosophy is minimal intervention, evidence based dentistry in line with the latest science and technology. She attends regular courses to stay abreast of these developments to ensure her patients receive the highest level of care. Miriam’s treatment focuses on devising tailored solutions to your individuals specific needs. She is consumed by excellence in Dentistry and is a warm and caring dentist.

Outside of dentistry Miriam’s passions are confined to her young family and personal health.

Book a time to see Miriam today, she’d love to meet you and help you achieve the healthy smile you deserve! Contact us now.

Our reception is styled around being your family living room and you are welcome to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea if you can spare the time with us, either before or after your dental appointment. We are never rushed nor hurried and we hope you do enjoy the reception area. Lynette & Thelma enjoy building strong relationships as this is a Family Dental Practice for patients of all ages – kids to senior adults.

“There is always laughter and fun happening in reception and through our glass doors, we see Lynette & Thelma chatting with our patients and accompanying family.”

Lynette and Thelma will be your first point of contact with our Practice. They drive the TLC from the first ‘Welcome’ with their charm and deep interest in your welfare, so no request is too big an ask.

“We have all the time to discuss your treatment options, plans and will clarify any query you have, from scheduling to understanding our technology and our fee schedule”.

We would love to hear from you. Welcome to our practice. Please feel at home.  Contact us now.

“Please view our hospital grade sterilization facility anytime”.

The heart of the best dental clinic in Auckland is the sterilization bay and room to protect patients. We invite every patient to view our high tech sterilizing facility where our dental assistants Shuko, Shadi and Petra ensure the strictest standards of instrument management for patient safety.

In today’s environment of cross-infection risks, we have spared no effort or cost to establish a hospital grade of sterilization. It is these high standards which set our practice uniquely apart. Our claim to be the best dental clinic in Auckland comes from the highest standard of technology, sterilization and patient care and we raise the bar on ourselves constantly.

Our dental assistants maintain the instruments, the rooms, the floors and every aspect of our patient facility to an exceptional standard. They are never fazed with the hard work of dental assisting and managing this practice. They are always smiling and enjoy the people who come here.