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Tooth Abscess

Tooth Abscess is a serious issue, don’t put it off.

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Dental abscesses are wicked and the spread causes life threatening problems.  Bacteria in the mouth work their way into the nerve and massive infection drains into the cheek, jaw and other spaces. The first indication of a tooth abscess is pain on touching the tooth and an X Ray clearly shows a dark area in contact with the roots.

When teeth break down, they create an open channel for infection to find its way into the jaw bone.  This is never going to heal, so what are you waiting for? We urgently recommend you contact us on (09) 631 5416 or email us [email protected]immediately and request an urgent appointment to assess your problem. Putting this off could be life-threatening.

Preventing Tooth Abscess

Treat cracked and broken teeth promptly. Get them attended to promptly so that you can save yourself the sudden spread of significant infection.

Too often, we see cases where significant damage and costly repairs can be avoided by staying on top of your dental plan. Regular visits to our dentists and prompt action when you feel pain or discomfort can often mean avoiding nasty issues like tooth abscess, decay or having to have teeth extracted.